Aerial Copper Cable


Product Description

Polythene insulated jelly filled, armored Telecommunication Cables (05 to 100pairs with conductors’ dia of 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.6mm) are manufactured with reference to various international standards and specifications. Premier Cables offers a wide range of Telephone cables.


This design is for Aerial applications and is used in the difficult terrains/hilly areas where underground installation is not possible or is difficult. This provides fast track solution as it is easy to deploy and also helps in the areas where permission of digging in the city areas, from civic authorities is difficult. It also provides immediate solution for restoration of communications without waiting for formal permission of digging and laying of underground cables. This Aerial Cable is designed for easy and economical installation with High Tensile Strength to overcome wind pressures and ice loadings.


    1. Conductor: Solid annealed copper with conductor sizes of 0.4, 0.5 & 0.6mm.
    2. Insulation: Colored high molecular weight solid High Density Polyethylene.
    3. Color Coding: Cables are fully color coded in accordance with PIC even count color code.
    4. Twining/pairing: Two colored insulated conductors are uniformly twisted together to form a pair. Varying lay length is designed to minimize the cross talk and capacitance unbalance.
    5. Stranding / Cabling: Twisted pairs are assembled into unit of 25 pairs. When desired for lay-up reason, the units are divided into two or more sub-units, which are bind with durably colored polyethylene tapes to form a compact and circular cable.
    6. Core Covering: A non-hygroscopic and dielectric Polyester Tape and Water Blocking Tape are applied helically having a suitable overlap.
    7. Shield: Eclectically continuous, Aluminum Tape applied longitudinally with an overlap. Tape is quoted on both sides with a copolymer polyethylene providing corrosion resistance and a complete and firm bond to the jacket inhibiting the entrance of the moisture into the cable core
    8. Jacket: Black High Molecular weight low density polyethylene compound.
    9. Identification: A plastic tape, duly marked with the manufacturers name, year of manufacture and cable size, if required, is placed under the core covering. Alternatively, these details may be printed on the outer jacket of cable.
    10. Messenger Wire: High Strength Messenger Wire made up of 7 strands is applied to this cable for its installation, which provides extra high strength and support to the installations against wind pressure, snow falls etc.


Cable Construction Detail

Physical and Electrical Tests

Parameters Conductor Size (mm)
0.4 0.5 0.6
Conductor Resistance(per K.M in Ohms) individual 145 92 63
Conductor Resistance unbalance
Individual 5% 5% 5%
Average 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Conductor Elongation(Minimum percent) 15% 15% 15%
Tensile Strength 200 MPa 200 MPa 200 MPa
Attenuation at 150 Khz (dB/km)shall not exceed 11.2 8.4 6.8
Insulation Solid (MDPE/HDPE)
Tensile Strength 16.5 MPa 16.5 MPa 16.5 MPa
Ultimate Elongation 350% 350% 350%
Spark Test 2.5KV RMS AC for 3 seconds (PP),10KV RMS AC for 3 seconds (PS)
Retraction of Insulation(shall not exceed) 2.5mm after 1 min.
Resistance to Compression 200N, 12 Volt DC
Insulation Resistance at 500V 5000 Mega Ohm / Km
Construction 25 Pair Unit
Filling Compound Water Resistant Compound (Petro Jelly)
Core wrap Polyester Tape
Moisture Barrier Poly-Aluminum
Sheath / Jacket HDPE
Armoring Galvanized Steel Tape
Armoring Bedding PE Tape
Mutual Capacitance (nF/KM)
Individual 52 ± 4
Average 52 ± 3
Capacitance Unbalance (pF/KM)pair to pair
Individual 333
Average 83.3
Cross Talk RMS average -73.0 dB
Shield Resistance 62.5 Ohm per Drum
Stranded Messenger Wire Galvanized Steel Wire with individual wire tensile strength of > 1600 MPa