Premier Cables (Pvt) Limited has proven expertise in Cables, Wires, Connectors and facilitate its customers by varieties of attributes and features. We understand that our customer need more than just specialty product from us. We do care of all things and use modern and latest technology, design and developments to facilitate you. Our strength and expertise lies in cables and wires manufacturing with our own practical, hands on knowledge of cable design to offer you better and more profitable products. We facilitate customers by numbers of matters some of them are as below:
Best and Latest equipments and machineries
Modern Cables and Wires Design
Specialist and Experience Staff
In House Testing lab for Quality Control
Just in Time (JIT)
Support and facilitate customer all the time

design and developmentDesign and Development

Our Design and Development Department is equipped with the latest state-of-art machineries and test equipments to manufacture Copper Telephone Wires & Cables and Optical Fiber Cables, in accordance with the specification provided to us by the customers and is also managed by professional staff.

We have been providing training to our staff on regular basis in order to equip them with the modern and recent advancement in the Telecom field of their concern. They are incessantly involved in bringing innovation and moving toward advancement in the line of existing and modern trend.

design and developmentTesting Lab

Our industry has In-house Wires and Cables Testing Laboratory for checking quality of all our Wires and Cables (Best and finest quality Cables), we manufacture. We check all the electrical and physical test parameters before final delivery, according to clients required specification.