Optical Fiber Cables

Direct-BuriedDirect Burried Optical Fiber Cable

This cable has been designed for long-haul transmission networks. The fiber count can range from 4-144. Fiber type can be G. 652, G. 655 or a combination based on customer’s needs.

Non-Metallic-DuctNon-Metallic Duct Optical Fiber Cable.

The cable is designed for metropolitan networks and is laid in the Ducts, it is available upto 144 Fibers. The customer can select the fiber count and fiber type based on its requirement.

Self-Supporting-Aerial-Optical-Fiber-CableSelf-Supporting Aerial Optical Fiber Cable

This cable has been designed for Aerial applications and provides solutions for areas where the permission of digging from civic authorities is difficult and the areas where the laying of underground cables is difficult, it also provides immediate solution for restoration of communications without waiting for formal permission of digging and laying of underground cables.

Central-Loose-Tube-Cable-(Uni-Tube)Central Loose Tube Cable (Uni Tube)

This cable has been designed for LANs and other low fiber count applications. It is based on Central Loose Tube CATV construction.

Central-Loose-Tube-Fig-8-Self-Supporting-CableCentral Loose Tube Fig 8 Self Supporting Cable

The cable is based on Uni Tube construction with messenger wire used extensively for Cable Television and last mile solutions.

Mini Central Tube Duct CableMini Central Tube Duct Cable

Non-metallic version of Uni-Tube construction for outdoor and indoor applications.

All-Dielectric-Self-Supporting-(ADSS)-Aerial-CableAll Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) Aerial Cable

For Aerial installation along high power distribution lines.

Premium-Direct-Buried-CablePremium Direct Buried Cable

Cable is used for High Tensile requirements suitable for Harsh and tough environments.

Triple-Jacket-(Double-Armored)-Direct-Buried-CableTriple Jacket (Double Armored) Direct Buried Cable

This product description is for Triple Jacket Double Armored Optical Fiber Cable designed to meet the Technical Requirements as mentioned as per specification documents, it fulfills the design for the applications desired therein.

Fiber-To-The-Home-(FTTH)-Backbone-Optical-Fiber-CableFiber To The Home (FTTH) Backbone Optical Fiber Cable

Designed for Backbone of Optical network containing high fiber count to cater high bandwidths requirements.

Fiber-To-The-Home-(FTTH)-Outdoor-CableFiber To The Home (FTTH) Outdoor Cable

End mile solution for FTTH network consist of Dielectric materials from Pole to Customer premises.

Fiber-To-The-Home-(FTTH)-Indoor-Drop-CableFiber To The Home (FTTH) Indoor Drop Cable

Fiber To The Home Technology represent an attractive solution for providing high bandwidth from central office to residences and to small and medium sized businesses.

Fiber-to-the-Home-(FTTH)-Outdoor-Cable-with-Messenger-WireFiber to the Home (FTTH) Outdoor Cable with Messenger Wire

Enhanced version of FTTH Indoor Cable with inclusion of Messenger Wire to access network from Outdoor to Indoor applications.

Fiber-to-the-Home-(FTTH)-Drop-Outdoor-Cable-(Round-Profile)Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Drop Outdoor Cable (Round Profile)

The cable designed for Outdoor Installation, Optical Equipments and FTTH Applications.

Fiber-to-the-Home-(FTTH)-Drop-Ribbon-CableFiber to the Home (FTTH) Drop Ribbon Cable

The cable includes ribbon fiber upto 4 Fiber to minimize splicing and maintenance time.

Simplex-Round-Indoor-CableSimplex Round Indoor Cable

The cable is designed for Optical Equipments and FTTH Applications having single fiber.

Duplex-Indoor-CableDuplex Indoor Cable

The cable is designed for Optical Equipments and FTTH Applications having two fiber.

Distribution-Cable-(Round)Distribution Cable (Round)

Multiple Tight Buffered Fiber Cable for Indoor, Pigtails, Patch Cords, Optical Equipments and Riser Applications.