All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) Aerial Cable

Product Description

For Aerial installation along high power distribution lines.

Application and Key Features

Applications: It is all dielectric Self-Supporting Aerial
cable for Aerial Installation in the
network, for installation along
high power distribution lines
Recommended Installation Procedure: Aerial
Cable Constructions: Stranded Loose tube (Dry Block Type)*
Fiber Count: Upto 72
Fiber type: G.652.D & G.655.c
Rodent Resistant &
Designed to cater various span length,
windspeeds, bird loads and allowable sag
Physical properties : Strong mechanical characteristics,
high tensile strength
* Jelly filled construction can be manufactured on customer’s request


Cross Section of ADSS Cable


Key Specifications for ADSS Cable


For Detailed Specifications, consult Technical Advisor of Premier Cables (Pvt) Ltd.
Specifications can be modified according to customer’s application and need.