Triple Jacket (Double Armored) Direct Buried Cable

Product Description

This product description is for Triple Jacket Double Armored Optical Fiber Cable designed to meet the Technical Requirements as mentioned as per specification documents, it fulfills the design for the applications desired therein. The design is based on stranded loose tube which provides stable performance over a wide temperature range and is compatible with any telecommunications-grade optical fiber. This Cable is suitable for both Duct and Direct Buried applications, it provides extra strength and rodent protection by using Double Armor and Two Inner Jackets. The stranded loose tubes contain thixotropic jelly for protection of the optical fibers as required. The Thixotropic Jelly protects the fibers within the loose tubes and provides excellent quality filling compound for stopping ingress/transport of water into the cable. The product is manufactured on ITU-T G.652.D fiber. It facilitates easy and economical installation.

Application and Key Features

Applications: Harsh environments,
ruggedized Requirement
Recommended Installation Procedure: Direct Burial
Cable Constructions: Stranded Loose tube
(Dry Block Type)*
Fiber Count: Up to 72
Fiber type: G.652.D & G.655.C
Rodent Resistant
and Mechanically Strong
Double Copolymer Coated
Corrugated Steel Tapes
& Triple Sheaths mechanically
Physical properties : Strong mechanical
characteristics, high tensile
* Jelly filled construction can be manufactured on customer’s request

Cross Section of Triple Jacket (Double Armored) Direct Buried Cable



Key Specifications for Triple Jacket (Double Armored) Direct Buried Cable


For Detailed Specifications, consult Technical Advisor of Premier Cables (Pvt) Ltd.
Specifications can be modified according to customer’s application and need.