Premier Cables are being manufactured FIBER OPTIC CABLES on the latest state of the art machines and are being delivered to various Clients, mainlyPTCL, Wateen, Multinet , Cybernet for different worthwhile Telecom Projectsin the country. Some of the Fiber Projects mentioned here under deployed by the various Vendors ,

1) Metro Project.

2) USF Projects.

3) Backbone / Long Haul Projects.

4) FTTH Projects in Pakistan.

5) Centaurus Mall, Islamabad

These Projects have been deployed from 2008 to 2014 to provide state of the art facilities like,

  • Voice Telephony.
  • Data Services.
  • Video conferencing.
  • FTTH Services.
  • 3G/4G Back End on Fiber back bone.
  • ATM Machines/CCTV Cameras.
  • Surveillance Systems.
  • Triple play (IPTV) & Quad Play (Surveillance) services.
  • Transformation of Telecom Network from Copper to Fiber.
  • E-services for AIOU, Nadra, Post Offices.
  • Improving the ICT services in rural areas.

1) Metro Project

Metro-ProjectPakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited (PTCL) has been utilized our productthat is Optical Fiber Cable (OFC)in thisMetro project. This Project also deployed by Premier Cables which was to interconnect the back bone media of Fiber Ring between the Telephone Exchanges in the metropolitan city Karachi . This project made possible to carry massive transportation of Voice / Internet data with higher speed on this Link in 2010-2013.This Metro Project includes 12 sections of approx. length 50 Km Optical Fiber Cable.


2) Universal Services Fund Projects

USF-ProjectsUSF aims to promote development of telecommunication services in un-served and under-served rural areas of Pakistan to make voicetelephony and basic data services available and affordable in the country. This project aims to extend the Optic Fiber connectivity to the un-served Tehsil Head Quarters in Pakistan, for meeting the growing requirements of Voice, Data and Video.


3) Back Bone / Long Haul Projects


  • Our Optical Fiber Cables of 5,000Km of Long Haul connectivity project has been completed in the country to connect Metro Cities of Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi.
  • Our OFC has also been deployed in the network for SCO in AJ&K with provision of SDH/DWDM.
  • OFC connectivity for three major routes in Peshawar- Landikotal, Murree-Malach&Shinkiari-Dasu has also been deployed.
  • PTCL Turnkey 103 km OFC Laying (Metro Central) covering metro regions of Lahore, Sahiwal and Gujrat.
  • PTCL turnkey 183 km OFC laying (Subsidiary South) Long-haul implementation in southern region of country.
  • PTCL turnkey 431 km OFC laying (Backbone-II) Long-haul implementation in southern region of country.

4) FTTH Projects in Pakistan

FTTH-ProjectsFTTH (Fiber To The Home/Premise/Business) is the new emerging technology for voice, data and media to which home users or commercial institutions in Pakistan can now look forward to. The idea is to replace the existing copper media in orderto meet the demand for higher bandwidth with minimal disconnections, latency and security issues in specific. A related benefit is providing “one window solution” for data, voice, media & entertainment at affordable prices.

Premier Cables manufactured first ever in the history of Pakistan in the field of Optical Fiber Cable manufacturing that is High count Fiber ( 288 Fibers ) Optical Fiber Cable which has been exported in big quantity to one of the biggest Telco of Gulf i.e Saudi Telecom Company (STC) which will be used on the territory of KSA in different projects of telecom which is again one of the Pride of this Company.

5) Centauras Mall