Company’s Historical Timelines

  1. 1964

    Establishment of Premier Cables (Pvt) Limited by his founder Mr. Ismail Kassim.

  2. 1965

    Imported State of art cable manufacturing machineries from Japan.

  3. 1968

    Exported high quality products to Kuwait and other GCCE Countries.

  4. 1969

    Exported Electrical Cables to Abdullah & Al Mansoor, Saudi Arabia.

  5. 1975

    Started Manufacturing Copper Telephone Cables.

  6. 1983

    Imported latest and advanced machinery from Taiwan and start manufacturing High Pair Count Cables.

  7. 1987

    Acquired 30, 000 km Drop Wire order from PTCL in contest with 20 foreign bidders.

  8. 1988

    Exported Copper Telephone Cables to Somalia.

  9. 1989

    Got specialization in Lead in Cables manufacturing for the first time in Pakistan by substituting imports.

  10. 1992

    Acquired 40, 000 km Drop Wire order in contest with 15 International Bidders.

  11. 1996

    Started manufacturing Telephone of upto 600 pairs.

  12. 2000

    Started manufacturing Advanced Cables of up to 1200 pairs.

  13. 2001

    Exported Drop Wires to Somalia.

  14. 2004

    Started manufacturing Optical Fiber Cables. Exported Jelly Filled and Aerial Cables to Somalia.

  15. 2005

    Participated for the time in ITCN Karachi Exhibition, showcased 10 different types of OFC including Duct, Burried and High Fiber Count Cables.

  16. 2006

    Won the First Brand of the Year Award in the category of Telephone Cables.

  17. 2008

    Started manufacturing Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Cables.

  18. 2009

    Premier Cables became Private Limited entity with the name of Premier Cables Private Limited.

  19. 2010

    Participated in the 3rd Largest IT exhibition of the world, GITEX Dubai, exhibited all types of Copper Telecom and Optical Fiber Cables.

  20. 2011

    Started OSP and underground laying of Cables of Fibers.

  21. 2011

    Started to Export our Optical Fiber Cables to Saudia Arabia, UAE, Cameron and other parts of the world.

  22. 2012

    Started Manufacturing Twisted Pair Drop Wire, by replacing conventional drop Wire.

  23. 2013

    Exported Optical Fiber Cables to Saudi Telecom Company (STC) KSA, Etisalat UAE, Afghanistan and various GCC Countries.

  24. 2014

    Expended Manufacturing Fiber to the Home FTTH Cables.

  25. 2015

    Won the FPPCI Export Award for the category of Export of Optical Fiber Cables.

To Date: Premier Cables Pvt Limited is one of the leading national Optical Fiber Cables manufacturing company having various National and International Telecom Giants on its clientele.