Two Manufacturing Facilities Under one Roof

Premier Cables (Pvt) Limited is equipped with the latest, leading edge manufacturing facilities, holds specialty in both Copper Telecom Cable and in Optical Fiber Cables manufacturing.

Initially the company started out with the production of electrical wires and cables, telephone cables, PVC garden pipes, PVC compounds and artificial leather but within a very short span of time it laid the most advanced setup of Optical Fiber Cable manufacturing. Maintaining the best of the standards and customer needs, the company has a production facility of all types of Optical Fiber Cables including Duct, Burried, High Fiber Count and FTTH Cables.

The factory is stretched to 1215 Square Metres and furnished with advanced machineries and highly trained staff. Company’s unit has the most modern and high tech plant to manufacture Optical Fiber Cables in Pakistan. Caters to wide range of Telecom sector Customer base, both locally and internationally. Since our formation, we have more than doubled our initial capacity. As of today, we have capacity to manufacture more than 19,586 km/year of optical fiber and 31,976 km/year of Copper Telecommunication Cable of various specifications to various customers.